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Descubriendo el fetiche sexual del edging

Exploring the “edging fetish”

Introduction Have you heard of the “edging fetish”? In this article, we will take you into the exciting world of

Spanking o fetiche de los azotes

All about the spanking fetish

The practice of erotic spanking has been a sexual fetish that has aroused the interest and curiosity of many people.

Los mejores consejos para un buen sexting

The best tips for good sexting

Sexting has become increasingly popular in the digital age we live in. This practice consists of sending messages or images

los mejores juguetes bdsm

The best BDSM sex toys

The BDSM community has created a wide variety of sex toys to suit your needs and desires. In this article,

BDSM para principiantes

BDSM for beginners

If you are interested in exploring your sexuality in an alternative way, BDSM may be an exciting option for you.

juguetes BDSM

Where to buy BDSM sex toys

Sex toys are an essential part of the BDSM experience. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the

crear tu marca personal

Create a personal brand

If you’re looking to stand out in the fetish market, it’s important that you have a strong and well-defined personal

proteger tu privacidad

How to protect your privacy

Selling used underwear can be an easy way to make money, but it also carries risks. If you want to

fetiches más comunes

Most common fetishes

Fetishes are a natural and normal part of human sexual behavior. They have often been stigmatized, but the truth is

Psicología fetiches

The psychology behind fetishism

Why do some people have fetishes and others don’t? Fetishism is a topic that has been the subject of debate

historia fetiches

The history of fetishes

One of the most intriguing topics is being able to learn more about sexual culture and how it has evolved

El fetiche del Scat

The scat fetish

The scat fetish There are three variants of paraphilia related to scat or feces:  Coprophilia is the taste for human


SweetPaula Interview

Today you can enjoy the SweetPaula interview, a very sweet and playful Andalusian curvy. She is very morbid about selling


Introduction to BDSM

BDSM is a term that encompasses a group of freely consensual erotic practices that can be considered as a lifestyle.


Interview with 123BRINDA

In today’s interview we wanted to meet 123Brinda. She is a feminine and flirtatious woman. She is self-assured, she likes

Bunny Noir interview

In today’s interview, salesperson Bunny Noir explains who she is and what her experience at Secret Panties has been up

Entrevista Roxfeet

Roxfeet84 interview

Today we interview Roxfeet84, a long 30 year old Latina with soft pink feet. She likes massages and kisses and

Entrevista Valentinapx

Interview with Valentinapx95

In today’s interview we decided to contact Valentinapx95. Valentina is a young girl with long brown hair, blue eyes, and

Entrevista Mr.Banks

Interview with Mr. Banks

After several interviews with sellers, we wanted to start a new section of interviews with buyers. Because we also care

Entrevista Flujosa

Interview with Flujosa

We return with a new interview and this time, we have interviewed Flujosa! Flujosa is a brunette girl with green

Entrevista Yaslove

Interview with Yaslove❤

We are back with a new interview and this time, we have done it with Yaslove❤ ! Yaslove❤ is an

Entrevista Mayshalove

Interview with Maysha Love

A few days ago we interviewed Maysha Love, a girl with intense blue eyes, outgoing and fun. According to her,


Start selling fetishes

The sexual revolution on the Internet has allowed us to reach the point where we can sell and buy our

Entrevista Fenix

Interview with Fénix10

In today’s interview we decided to contact Fénix10, a blonde woman with blue eyes, very confident and attractive. She is

Juegos de rol

Role play for sexting

We know that many of you do sexting and that it is something that buyers really like, in today’s post


Masturbation and its benefits

Masturbation is a reality between men and women. What we still find is that men have an easier time talking