“Trampling” y otras claves sobre el fetichismo de pies

“Trampling” and other keys to foot fetishism

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One of the most common fetishes is foot fetishism. If you decide to incorporate this fetish in your Secret Panties profile because you want to explore it, or if you want to sell fetish content or products related to him, you must take into account the keys to how this fetish works.

The same fetish, many different tastes

The first important point is to understand that, despite being the same fetish, there are as many ways to explore it as there are people. There is a first big separation you can make between buyers: those who are attracted to foot in a more natural, dirty state, or those who are attracted to this clean body part. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just that, there are different tastes depending on size, appearance, etc.

What really attracts foot?

To know what buyers and foot fetishists may search for in your profile or content, you must understand what attracts them. The most common practices have to do with the visual arousal of seeing the foot and how another person plays with them. Also with the physical arousal, that is, licking or caressing the foot, among others. However, there is a world of possibilities with practices such as “trampling”. This practice consists of one of the partners lying down and the other dominating them by applying pressure with their foot. And this fetish is or can be related to submission or other fantasies, so experiment!

Keys to explore your fetish in Secret Panties

Some tips that you can keep in mind when exploring this fetish in your profile are:

Use your foot to seduce

Don’t limit yourself to videos or sexy photos of your foot, use them as a weapon of seduction: make sensual movements, you can play with removing and putting elements on them…

Adapt the fetish to all the resources on the platform

One way to make the most of this fetish is to know how to exploit it in every possible way: take the best photos and videos of your foot or know how to play with them in an erotic chat: massages, masturbation…


In conclusion, foot fetishism is a sexual practice that can arouse great interest in many people. It is important to keep in mind that there are different tastes and preferences within this fetish. Because of that, it is essential to explore and experiment to find what satisfies us the most. At Secret Panties, you can explore and get the most out of your fantasies if you know how to do it.

Follow these tips and more and experiment with your fantasies at Secret Panties!

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