Contract conditions


 ANKAPA NETWORK, S.L. It operates under the law of the government of Spain

ANKAPA NETWORK, S.L. is the commercial company responsible for the processing of personal data on the website The contact details of ANKAPA NETWORKS, S.L. are as listed below:

    • Website: (hereinafter, WEBSITE)
    • Responsible and owner: ANKAPA NETWORK, S.L. (forward, ANKAPA NETWORK)
    • CIF: B-66.412.990
    • Registration: Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 44550, Folio 27, Section 8, Page 499534
    • Address: Plaza Pau Vila 1, office 2B (Pier 01 BCN Tech City), 08039, Barcelona.
    • Contact phone: 932157735
    • Contact email:

 1.1.- ANKAPA NETWORK, S.L. (hereinafter, ANKAPA NETWORK) offers the possibility of selling and/or buying used women’s underwear through . The products are offered for sale by their own owners on a voluntary basis, who freely set a price. Buyers may purchase these products voluntarily and at their personal discretion. ANKAPA NETWORK does not intervene in the transaction or charge any commission for the sales made by the sellers in the environment of the sale of , but AA reserves a commission in the environment of the sale of subscriptions.

1.2.- is an online portal exclusively for people over 18 years of age where you can sell and buy second-hand women’s underwear and other physical and digital products, and subscriptions at Before entering the portal, the user must self-responsibly declare if she is of legal age. The contents of the portal are not directed at minors and some of them may be of an explicit sexual nature.

The consequences that the violation of this first condition entails for the user will be assumed directly by this user, leaving ANKAPA NETWORK totally exonerated.

1.3.- Through this platform, sellers can offer their products and set a price. The final price of the product will be the one agreed between the seller and the buyer. ANKAPA NETWORK through puts both parties in contact anonymously while it is a perfect market for those who want to sell their intimate clothing and for those who are looking for second-hand lingerie. Among the products you can find at are Used Panties, Used Thongs, Used Coulottes, Used Bras, Used Stockings, Used Socks, Used Shoes, Used Toys, photos, videos and sexting, hereinafter, products.

1.4.- To be able to interact by selling these fetish products on you must first register as a seller and pay a fee (in the event that you wish to gain greater visibility within the portal). If you just want to buy, you must register in this category. ANKAPA NETWORK does not intervene in the transaction or set the prices of the garments and other products, it only acts as an intermediary and does not reserve any commission. 

1.5.- Through the interested user can sell their digital content through this channel, which can be purchased by buyer users who must previously subscribe to be able to access and view said content. The buyers of will be able to access a at any time and once in the environment they must provide their bank card details in order to be able to view the contents of the seller/s that interest you The bank card information is necessary for ANKAPA NETWORK to bill the amount of the subscription(s) chosen. Billing is monthly and the subscription price may vary as it is determined by each vendor.

1.6.- These Contract Conditions (hereinafter, Contract Conditions) are important to you and affect your rights as a consumer.

It is necessary that you read these Contract Conditions that contain rights, but also include exclusions and limitations of liability that you should be aware of. You can always consult these Contract Conditions from the Contract Conditions button that you will find on the website, store and print them or you can access them and you must expressly accept them when you register on the WEBSITE as a seller or buyer through the registration form

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact ANKAPA NETWORK by email: or by calling: + 34 932157735


2.1.- These ANKAPA NETWORK Contract Conditions describe the contractual relationship between you and ANKAPA NETWORK. 

2.2.- These Contract Conditions suppose the general regulation of the acquisition of the products offered in used panties, used thongs, used coulottes, used bras, used stockings, used socks, used shoes, used toys, photos , videos, sexting and subscriptions (hereinafter, products). 

2.3.- These Contract Conditions are subject to the provisions of the regulations governing electronic contracting, the processing and protection of personal data, as well as all its development regulations.

2.4.- The products offered for sale on the website may be bought or sold by any Registered User Buyer or Registered User Seller residing in Spain or in another Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area and also by those Registered Users Buyers or Registered Users Sellers who reside in a State that does not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area. In all cases, Spanish legislation will apply. 

2.5.- These Contract Conditions are accessible at all times at and can be printed and stored by the Registered User. However, ANKAPA NETWORK recommends Registered Users to always consult these Particular Conditions of Contract before making a new purchase and/or sale, since they may be subject to changes and/or modifications with respect to the last time they the Buyer Registered User or Seller Registered User has bought and/or sold. The Contract Conditions that are applicable in each acquisition will be those that are published in at the time of making the purchase or sale. Modifications will not be retroactive.

2.6.- Unless specifically stipulated in writing, making a purchase and/or sale through implies acceptance and adherence by the Registered User to these Contract Conditions. No stipulation made by the Registered User may differ from the stipulations included in these Contract Conditions if it has not been previously accepted in advance and in writing by ANKAPA NETWORK.


3.1.- When a user decides to purchase or sell products through they must register with their personal data and will have the status of Registered User. All data provided by the Registered User has been entered directly by himself, so the responsibility for the veracity, authenticity and updating thereof corresponds directly and exclusively to the Registered User. If the Registered User also wishes to enjoy the advantages of he must provide his bank card number to ANKAPA NETWORK.

3.2.- When using and placing orders through it, the Registered User must:

  1. Do not make any false or fraudulent orders. If it could reasonably be considered that an order of this nature has been made, we will be authorized to cancel it and inform the relevant authorities.
  2. Provide your personal data truthfully and accurately. The data fields highlighted with an asterisk (*) are required to formalize the purchase process.
  3. Be over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts.
3.3.- The Registered User is solely responsible for the veracity of the data entered by himself in the registration procedure, and accepts the obligation to provide truthful, exact and complete data. If the Registered User fails to comply with this obligation, he will be solely responsible for all consequences arising from the breach and that may affect him, other Registered Users, ANKAPA NETWORK and/or third parties, including non-receipt of the shipment with the purchased product

3.4.- If you wish to sell and/or buy, you must register as a Registered User as a Seller or Buyer through the registration form

Registered User Seller

To register as a Seller, you must complete the Registration form with your personal data and indicate that you are doing so as a seller by activating the SELL box. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be able to access your profile. In the profile you can personally manage your presence on the WEBSITE and the way you and your products present yourself to potential buyers and the rest of the community. Likewise, you can always have an updated list of the products you have sold, the products you have on display,…

Once registered as a Seller, you must upload the products (lingerie, shoes, videos, photos, sexting, digital content) that you want to sell through and fill in all the required fields and upload the images of your products. For garments we recommend an image of the garment on the front and back and another that shows only the garment (without the need to show dirt on it).

Remember that the garments you upload for sale will not be displayed automatically. The products will be submitted to a moderation process that can take up to 72 hours. The products may not be published at the discretion of ANKAPA NETWORK.

This level of registration is free. If you wish to enjoy greater visibility, you can subscribe to contracting one of the PREMIUM formulas that you will see described in the following section of this Contract Conditions document.

From your profile, you can also chat with other people from the (if you are in PREMIUM mode). We recommend that you read the conditions of use of the Chat in General Conditions and also what is stated in these Contract Conditions..

The Registered User as a Seller can opt for the free creation of a subscription channel at To complete the creation of this channel, the user must enter a series of personal data that is required for the correct operation and subsequent billing of the subscriptions. Once this form is completed, the channel will be subjected to verification by ANKAPA NETWORK, which reserves the right to accept or reject any profile. If the user is rejected, they will be able to re-enter the data, and they will be subjected to the verification process again. If it is rejected again, you can fill out the form as many times as you need until you pass the verification process.

If the user is validated, he must proceed to select the subscription plan that he wishes to charge Registered Buying Users.

The Seller Registered User may upload their digital content in the section: Add post, and later may modify or delete it if desired. The Seller User may modify their data at any time, as well as the subscription price to their channel. The Seller Registered User may also subscribe to the channels of other Registered Users as a Seller

Registered User Buyer

To register as a Buyer, you must complete the Registration form with your personal data and indicate that you are doing so as a buyer by activating the BUY box.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will be able to access your profile. In your profile you can personally manage your presence on the WEBSITE and the way you present yourself. From your profile, if the Seller is PREMIUM, you will be able to access the chat with the Seller Users in order to formalize the purchase of the products that they have offered at . We recommend that you read the conditions of use of the Chat in General Conditions and also what is stated in these Contract Conditions.

The Buyer Registered User will be able to access all the seller profiles at, without enjoying their content. In order to access the digital content of the chosen profile or profiles, the Purchaser Registered User must enter their bank card details so that ANKAPA NETWORK can process the payment and subsequently the billing of the selected content. In this way, the channel of the selected vendor will be unlocked and you will be able to access all the digital content available on that channel. The same Buyer Registered User can subscribe to several channels of Seller Registered Users who have a channel on without limitation. The price of the subscription is determined by the Seller Registered User, according to price ranges previously set by ANKAPA NETWORK. These ranges are: €4.99, €9.99, €14.99, €19.99 or €24.99 per month (plus VAT). The Seller Registered User will freely determine the price of his channel, within the above ranges..


4.1.- Once registered as a Seller, the Registered User has the possibility of maximizing their presence on the WEBSITE and making their profile profitable. For this, ANKAPA NETWORK makes available to its Registered Seller Users the PREMIUM modality, an optional subscription that will allow them to have greater visibility.

4.2.- With the basic modality, you can upload only two (2) products and you will not be able to contact potential Registered Buying Users.

4.3.- With the PREMIUM modality there are four types of subscriptions:

1 year PREMIUM  Single annual payment of 24.90.- euros. VAT included.
6 months PREMIUM

Semi-annual payment of 16.90.- euros. VAT included.

It renews automatically

3 months PREMIUM

Quarterly payment of 9.90.- euros. VAT included.

It renews automatically

1 months PREMIUM

Quarterly payment of 4.90.- euros. VAT included.

It renews automatically

With the PREMIUM modality, the Registered User will enjoy the following advantages: search preference, upload unlimited products for sale, highlight their products, private messages through the platform, general chat, PREMIUM badge that is a seal guarantee and trust.

4.4.- The Subscription will be invoiced in advance on a regular basis in the bank account or credit card that you indicate. Billing cycles are set monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. At the end of each billing cycle, your subscription will automatically renew under the same conditions, unless you cancel it in advance. You can cancel the renewal of your subscription through the payment processor page by contacting us through the Customer Service form ( The cancellation will produce effects in the next renewal. Meanwhile, you can continue using the PREMIUM until it expires according to the contracted term. For any questions regarding a cancellation, you can contact ANKAPA at: .

4.5.- A valid payment method, including a bank account or credit card, is required to process your Subscription payment. You must provide with accurate and complete billing information including full name, address, country, postal code, telephone number, and valid payment method information. By submitting such payment information, you automatically authorize to charge all subscription fees incurred through your account to such payment instruments. If there is an error attributable to you in the billing data provided, ANKAPA NETWORK is not responsible for not being able to properly provide the benefits of PREMIUM.. 

4.6.- In the event that automatic billing does not occur, an email will be issued indicating that you must proceed manually, within a certain deadline of five (5) days, otherwise your products will be unpublished and ANKAPA NETWORK will not have any other obligation with respect to that particular Registered User.

4.7.- Paid subscription fees are non-refundable, except when required by law.

4.8.- It is not possible to modify, change, eliminate or alter the terms of visibility. PREMIUM is a specific and closed service established by ANKAPA NETWORK, according to preferences previously contracted by the seller Registered User. ANKAPA NETWORK will inform the term of visibility. If any Registered User wishes to request a PREMIUM invoice, they can request it at

4.9.- In the case of repeated infringements on the platform, ANKAPA NETWORK reserves the right of admission to the website, so it can expel any Premium or non-Premium Registered User, without prior notice and without the right to a refund of the amount of the subscription. Consult the Privacy Policy and the General Conditions. 


5.1.- The chat is the channel that ANKAPA NETWORK has enabled so that Registered Users can contact each other to sell and buy the products – provided that the Seller User is PREMIUM. It is highly recommended to always use the Chat to carry out transactions in order to maintain anonymity through the alias, safeguard identity, guarantee the exchange and avoid the consequences that may be due to identity recognition.

5.2.- ANKAPA NETWORK does not recommend the dissemination of its own personal data and prohibits the dissemination of personal data of third parties, such as telephone number, WhatsApp contact, Skype, among others, email or any other data that may put the privacy of the user at risk. security or anonymity of our users or third parties. The objective of ANKAPA NETWORK is to put sellers and buyers in contact in a secure way and to maintain their anonymity. ANKAPA NETWORK is not responsible for the final decision regarding personal data that Registered Users finally apply.

5.3.- Do not try to collect information or access it, or create accounts using unauthorized means.

5.4.- Do not try to buy, sell or transfer any part of your account (including the username) or request, collect or use login credentials or badges from other users.

5.5.- Do not publish private or confidential content of any person, or carry out any activity that infringes the rights of another person, including their intellectual or industrial property rights.

5.6.- Respect the rest of the members of the community. ANKAPA NETWORK wants to promote a diverse and positive community. ANKAPA NETWORK will remove any content that includes credible threats or hateful language, content directed at individuals in order to humiliate or embarrass them, personal information used to blackmail or harass someone, and repeated spam messages.

5.7.- Many disputes and misunderstandings can be resolved directly between members of the community. Try to resolve your disputes in private.

5.8.- Keep in mind that at users want to close a transaction, therefore it is advisable that you contribute to maintaining a good environment in the channel.

5.9.- With the intention of promoting a good use of the chat and a good atmosphere, some regulations have been applied. In case of not complying with them, they may entail a penalty.

Acts subject to penalty:

  • Lack of respect towards another person (insults, mockery, provocation, criticism, …)
  • Sale or intention to purchase non-legal services (pedophilia, bestiality, …)
  • Harassment, blackmail, intimidation and threats.
  • Promotion of products with prices lower than those established by the platform (minimum price per individual product).
  • The use, introduction, publication, dissemination, communication, replication, among others, of chain messages, spam, junk mail, among others.
  • Creation of products or accounts that incite hate.
  • Creation of secondary or fraudulent accounts.
  • Promotion of products and profiles with a Buyer account.
  • Creation of a buyer’s account with the sole purpose of being able to contact sellers without the intention of buying.

Depending on the severity of the actions and their frequency, we will determine if the account is banned from the general chat (temporarily or indefinitely) or it will be directly blocked or removed from Secret Panties.

Therefore, the recurring actions of the acts mentioned above, may lead to the direct elimination and without prior notice of the account in Secret Panties.

Any misuse of the chat with the consequent sanction, will not be subject to the refund of the balance of the subscription.


Buy and sell

6.1.-  6.1.- The Registered User who sells or buys products at must register through the form provided for this purpose as specified in Condition 3 of these Contract Conditions, filling in all the required fields, as well as the contact details, delivery or collection address, if applicable.

6.2.– The Registered User must accept the General Conditions of the website, the Privacy Policy and these Contract Conditions.

6.3.- The seller Registered User must publish the images of the products offered for sale and the price according to the characteristics indicated. Once your potential clients contact you through our chat, you will be able to agree on the payment and shipping method that best suits both parties. If you are a PREMIUM Registered User you will be able to chat with an unlimited number of potential buyers. If you do not have the PREMIUM mode contracted, you will not be able to chat.

6.4.- The Seller Registered User undertakes to provide ANKAPA NETWORK with correct and truthful contact information, as well as to keep them updated at all times, ANKAPA NETWORK not assuming any responsibility otherwise.

6.5.- The Buyer Registered User may pay the price of the product by any of the means of payment that he decides to agree with the Seller Registered User, without ANKAPA NETWORK intervening in the transaction.

6.6.- ANKAPA NETWORK does not guarantee or reimburse any shipment or purchase that does not reach its destination, since they are made directly between Registered Seller Users and Registered Buyer Users as a result of private agreements.

6.7– ANKAPA NETWORK, as a suggestion, offers on the website information on how to proceed to make the shipment discreetly.

6.8.- The Seller Registered User will indicate the shipping costs in the order process, they must be accepted by the Buyer Registered User prior to the acceptance of the purchase. When the parties agree to the sale of a product, the Seller Registered User will indicate the shipping costs to the Buyer Registered User. If both parties accept the cost, the transaction will be closed with the agreed price that will include shipping costs.

6.9.- The logistical management of the orders corresponds to the Registered Users who are sellers at, for which reason ANKAPA NETWORK does not assume any responsibility derived from the breach of the obligations described in this 6th Condition due to an action or omission carried out carried out by the Registered User Seller and/or Buyer..

Premium subscription

6.10.- In the event that the Seller Registered User wishes to pay for the Premium subscription modality, he must use the payment method made available at

6.11.– The Buyer Registered User may make payments by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and/or other similar cards). Once the order has been formalized, that is, with the acceptance of the General Conditions, the Contract Conditions and the Privacy Policy, ANKAPA NETWORK will always send an email to the User confirming the details of the purchase made.

6.12.- ANKAPA NETWORK will issue an invoice to the Seller Registered User, for the use of the platform, applying the rate corresponding to the type of contract acquired by the same to PREMIUM users.

Only Secrets

6.13.- Regarding the environment of the Seller Registered User will be able to access the creation of a profile completely free of charge.

6.14.- 6.14.- In order to access the digital content of the chosen profile or profiles, the Purchaser Registered User must enter the details of their bank card so that ANKAPA NETWORK can process the payment and subsequently the billing of the selected content. In this way, the channel of the selected vendor will be unlocked and you will be able to access all the digital content available on that channel. The same Buyer Registered User can subscribe to several channels of Seller Registered Users who have a channel on without limitation. The price of the subscription is determined by the Seller Registered User, according to price ranges previously set by ANKAPA NETWORK. These ranges are: €4.99, €9.99, €14.99, €19.99 or €24.99 per month (plus VAT). The Seller Registered User will freely determine the price of his channel, within the above ranges..


Withdrawal of products purchased between individuals

7.1.- Registered Users are informed that, as these are transactions between individuals, the legal guarantee of products and the right of withdrawal provided for in the regulations on consumers and users do not apply.

7.2.- In addition, since these are second-hand underwear, no returns of any kind are accepted. Returns of digital products or sexting are not accepted either.

7.3.– ANKAPA NETWORK is free of any controversy and the effects that may arise after the reception of the product by the Buyer Registered User. Neither the Seller Registered User nor the Buyer Registered User will involve ANKAPA NETWORK in conversations and/or disputes over a transaction that is not to the liking of the Registered Users involved in it.

Withdrawal of the services acquired in ANKAPA NETWORK.

7.4.- The contracting of the Premium service at may not be withdrawn by the Seller Registered User from the moment the payment transaction is confirmed by the Seller Registered User. From this moment, the service is understood to be fully activated in favor of the Seller Registered User, a circumstance that is known and accepted by the Seller Registered User..

7.5.- In this sense, the contracting of the Premium service will be understood as valid and effective, without prejudice to whether the Registered User Seller wishes to use it or not. In the event that the Seller Registered User renounces its use of their own free will, under no circumstances will ANKAPA NETWORK proceed to refund the amount paid regardless of the amount that remains pending to be consumed.

7.6.- In the Only Secrets environment, the same conditions described in the previous points apply. No subscription will be refundable. Once the payment has been made, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.


8.1.- When the purchased product is a physical product (underwear, shoes), the purchased product will be sent directly by the Seller Registered User to the address indicated by the Buyer Registered User.

8.2.- ANKAPA NETWORK advises you that deliveries are never made in person, but that they are made by sending the package.

8.3.- You can indicate your private postal address or any other postal address that suits you best. In any case, the address that you indicate is your responsibility and you must ensure that you are at the address in order to properly receive the package with the product.

8.4.- In the event that you do not want to receive the shipment at a physical address, either for privacy or because you are simply not at home much and it will not be possible to receive the package personally, ANKAPA NETWORK suggests here four alternatives to receive your orders. The proposal is made as an indication but ANKAPA NETWORK has no link or interest or commission with the companies that provide the shipping services that are presented below. It is only done for information purposes for Registered Users:


It is possible to have a PO Box to receive letters or packages without your name appearing in the delivery address. A PO Box is a box in any of the Post Offices (you can choose the one closest to your home), and there you can pick up your packages during office hours. Packages that exceed the size of your locker will be kept in the office for pick up. You can check the cost of this service directly on the Correos website or at any of its offices.


If the Buyer Registered User and the Seller Registered User are in the same city, Glovo covers several cities in Spain and can be a good option, since the reception will be immediate. In addition, it is not necessary to give your own address, you can stay at a specific point in the city. A delivery man will pick up the order and take it where indicated..


It is a Post Office service that consists of lockers distributed in different parts of the city (stores, supermarkets, gas stations,…) where you can receive the products you buy. Depending on where you are located, you will have one pick-up time or another, but those in outdoor areas will be available 24 hours a day to pick up your package at the time that suits you best.

  • PUDO

Pudo is a service in different parts of the city, such as shops or metro stations. You can select the one closest to your home and assign this point as your usual pick-up location, where you will be assigned a locker. You will need to buy credits on your website, in order to pay for the type of shipping you require. Credits and price vary based on where you need to pick up your package and how long your package waits until you pick it up.

8.5.- To make the shipment, prepare your garment. Fold it well and wrap it in plastic wrap or an airtight bag. I’m sure it will look much nicer presented and on top of that it will retain its aroma.

8.6.- Do not write a dedication or anything that refers to its content outside the envelope. It is very important that you write on the envelope the address or post office box that your Buyer has given you. And to maintain anonymity you can put the address of ANKAPA NETWORK as the sender.

8.7.- In case of sending digital products, we recommend using a platform like KIK, which is a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp, but anonymously. ANKAPA NETWORK does not manage or participate in said platform. He only makes a suggestion..


9.1.- The User must notify ANKAPA NETWORK of any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used for subscription purchases (Premium and Only Secrets), by email or by telephone, in the shortest period of time possible so that ANKAPA NETWORK can carry out the appropriate procedures.

9.2.- ANKAPA NETWORK has the highest security measures commercially available in the sector. In addition, the payment process works on a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and 3D Secure protocol. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the User’s computer and that of the Website. In this way, using the SSL protocol guarantees:

  • That the User is communicating their data to the ANKAPA NETWORK server center and not to any other that tries to impersonate it.
  • That between the User and the ANKAPA NETWORK server center the data is transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.


10.1.- ANKAPA NETWORK will try to mediate in good faith in incidents that may arise as a result of transactions between Registered Users. As a precautionary measure, ANKAPA NETWORK can block access to the accounts of the users involved in an incident, until the case is resolved. If there is a breach of the conditions of the website or the problem is not resolved, ANKAPA NETWORK may permanently eliminate the controversial accounts.

10.2.- For any other incident or litigious matter derived from the existence or content of these Contract Conditions or from the relations between the Seller Registered User, the Buyer Registered User and ANKAPA NETWORK, the parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, they expressly submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Barcelona. Each of the parties will assume the expenses derived from their defenses.

10.3.- If, despite good efforts by ANKAPA NETWORK, Registered Users do not reach an agreement, disputes between Registered Users must be resolved exclusively between them. In these cases, ANKAPA NETWORK will be totally outside of the actions and effects, as well as exonerated from defense expenses and legal fees, among others, that Registered Users have to incur.


11.1.- The images of all the products, videos, photos, sexting of the Registered Users, especially the Sellers, must meet the following requirements:

The use, introduction, publication, dissemination, communication, replication, among others, of content of a political nature or political propaganda is prohibited; of a religious nature; that incites to join groups, sects or movements; of a racist, xenophobic nature or that threatens any minority; of a sexist nature or against any claim of gender; that have a negative impact on disabilities and/or limitations; that advocate violence and/or terrorism.

The use, introduction, publication, dissemination, communication, replication, among others, of images (photographs, drawings, sketches, …) of minors, alone, accompanied by other minors or accompanied by adults or with objects, is totally prohibited. or with animals. The use, introduction, publication, dissemination, communication, replication, among others, of child pornography or incitement to child pornography is totally prohibited.

The images of all products and users, especially Registered Seller Users, in addition to complying with the above prohibitions, must comply with the following policy:

  • Posted images and descriptions must correspond to the actual items for sale.
  • Do not post images that include sexual acts, genitals or anuses.
  • Do not post sexually explicit images.
  • Do not post images of products with visible blood or fluids, including semen, urine, and feces.
  • Do not post images of animals or that include animals.
  • Do not publish images of adults or that include adults other than the seller herself.
  • Do not publish images of third parties or that include third parties that may have a reputation or public recognition.

11.2.- Likewise, the Registered User must comply with each and every one of the guarantees, obligations and prohibitions established in Condition 4 of the General Conditions of

11.3.- The philosophy of ANKAPA NETWORK with its website is to seek sensuality and eroticism, moving away from pornography. ANKAPA NETWORK reserves the right to reject and therefore not allow the sale of any product, video, photos and sexting that does not meet the aforementioned criteria.

11.4.- These criteria are variable depending on the culture and context, therefore, ANKAPA NETWORK reserves the right to unilaterally delete any product, video, photo and/or sexting if it is interpreted as offensive or not appropriate to the line of the company.

11.5.- All the data provided by the Registered User have been entered directly by him, so the responsibility for the veracity, authenticity and updating thereof corresponds directly and exclusively to the Registered User..


12.1.- These Contract Conditions are applicable to the registration process as a Registered User who wishes to sell and/or buy products through

12.2.- The Contract Conditions and the offers that may eventually be carried out by ANKAPA NETWORK always appear on the aforementioned website, so they can be consulted, filed and/or printed.

12.3.- ANKAPA NETWORK reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Contract at any time, as well as any other general or particular conditions, regulations of use or notices that are applicable to the purchase and sale procedure.

12.4.- ANKAPA NETWORK may modify the Contract Conditions by notifying Registered Users sufficiently in advance, in order to improve the service and comply with applicable regulations. By modifying the Contract Conditions displayed at, it will be understood that ANKAPA has complied with the duty of notification. In any case, before making the purchase, the Contract Conditions may be consulted. ANKAPA NETWORK reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and location of the WEBSITE, as well as the contents and conditions required to use the purchase and sale service.

12.5.- The value of the PRODUCTS is indicated in EUROS (€). At the time of formalizing the payment of the products, it will be made in EUROS and for its value in EUROS


13.1.- ANKAPA NETWORK is not responsible for errors in the personal data provided and that prevent good communication with its owner. Nor is it responsible if personal data is not updated.

13.2.- ANKAPA NETWORK is not responsible for the consequences resulting from a malfunction of the owner’s email address or their computer or mobile devices of the Registered User.

13.3.- The Registered User must remember that the products are unique and therefore neither ANKAPA NETWORK nor the Seller Registered User will assume a new shipment if the error in the shipment data is attributable to the Buyer Registered User.

13.4.- The parties will not incur liability for any fault due to major cause. The fulfillment of the obligations will be delayed until the cessation of the case of force majeure. Causes of force majeure will include any act, event, lack of exercise, omission or accident that is beyond the reasonable control of ANKAPA NETWORK.


These Particular Conditions of Contract will enter into force at the moment of expressly accepting them before executing the payment of the selected products.


In the event that disagreements between ANKAPA NETWORK and the Registered User cannot be resolved amicably, both parties freely and voluntarily agree, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, that all disagreements, divergences or litigious issues arising from These Particular Conditions of Purchase will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

Last update: June 16, 2021