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Why it is important to set boundaries when selling fetishes

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In the world of fetish selling, it is essential to understand and respect boundaries and consent. This article will explore why it’s important to set boundaries and obtaining explicit consent when engaging in these types of transactions.

Why are boundaries important?

When selling fetishes, it is essential to set boundaries to protect both the seller and the buyer. Setting clear boundaries helps ensure that both parties are comfortable and respect each other’s wants and needs. Limits may include restrictions on what type of fetishes are sold, what actions are allowed, and any other necessary prior agreements.

The role of consent

Consent is a fundamental aspect of any human interaction, and this is no different in the sale of fetishes. Consent must be explicit, mutual and continuous. Both parties must agree to and understand the conditions of the transaction at all times. If either party feels uncomfortable or wishes to stop the transaction, consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Setting boundaries and consent in Secret Panties

At Secret Panties, we recognize the importance of setting boundaries and obtaining consent when selling fetishes. Our platform promotes a culture of mutual respect and consent. This is why we always advise agreeing on any type of purchase or sale and, in the case of seller profiles, it will always be good advice to establish your limits in your profile description. Additionally, when interacting with buyers, sellers are advised to obtain explicit consent and respect boundaries established by both parties.


Selling fetishes can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is essential to set clear boundaries and obtain consent in every transaction. At Secret Panties, we are committed to fostering a safe and respectful environment for sellers and buyers alike.

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