Spanking o fetiche de los azotes

All about the spanking fetish

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The practice of erotic spanking has been a sexual fetish that has aroused the interest and curiosity of many people. In this article, we will explore this fetish in depth, its origins, its characteristics and how it is experienced today. Get ready to enter the exciting world of spanking!

What is spanking?

Spankingis a sexual practice in which spanking on the buttocks is used as a form of excitement and pleasure. Although it may vary in intensity and the context in which it is carried out, it is always carried out with the consent and limits established between the people involved. Importantly, spanking is based on role-play and erotic domination, and should not be confused with violence or abuse.

Historical origins

Spanking is not a new fetish, it has historical roots dating back to ancient times. From ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, erotic spanking was practiced as part of rituals and sexual games. Even in the art and literature of the Middle Ages, references to this practice are found.

Spanking today

Today, spanking has become a more accepted and recognized fetish in the BDSM community and sexual culture in general. Many people find spanking a way to explore their sexuality, experience intense sensations and enjoy the game of power and domination. In addition, there are different variants and practices associated with this fetish, such as paddling, flogging and caning, which offer a wide range of possibilities for those who are attracted to this fetish.

Benefits and precautions

This fetish can have various benefits, both physical and emotional. Some people find stress release, excitement, and a greater connection with their partner during the practice. Its sensation can trigger the release of endorphins, providing a feeling of well-being and euphoria. Additionally, role play and erotic domination can strengthen trust and intimacy in a relationship.

However, it is essential to keep some precautions in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. These include setting clear boundaries, constant communication, and using safety signs. It is important to know the preferences and limits of each person involved, as well as take into account the sensitivity of the skin and avoid hitting dangerous areas such as the spine or kidneys. Additionally, it is essential to have a safe environment free of distractions to avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries.

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