Entrevista Flujosa

Interview with Flujosa

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We return with a new interview and this time, we have interviewed Flujosa! Flujosa is a brunette girl with green eyes, very sure of herself. But her virtues are not only physical, but she is also super close, nice and very discreet. She tells us that with her they will discover what sex really is. She does all kinds of services and they will be able to fulfill all her possible fetishes with her.

If you have doubts about entering this world or simply want to know more about Flujosa, you’re in luck! Let’s see what she tells us.

Interview with Fluxosa

What would you highlight about yourself? How do you define yourself? Introduce Flujosa and say why you think they should meet you.

Well, I define myself as a nice, attentive and discreet person. I am that type of person who knows how to listen and be there whenever needed, very dedicated and humble.

Physically I am a fairly tall girl, I am 1.70 meters tall and 56 kilos skinny. I have a very beautiful and sexy body that captivates. So better watch out for me. Because I can create an addition, if we add to this some big green eyes that will make you melt let’s say I’m a BOMB.

If I have to keep something remarkable in me, it is the combination of a good girl with the mischief of satan, I am pure fire and daring. Another remarkable thing about me is that anyone can talk to me without having to buy from me. I understand the situation that is being experienced and I understand that there are buyers who, due to circumstances, are now unable to buy. Well, I always have a place to talk to these people, not everything is money.

When did you decide to join Secret Panties? And how do you balance this?

I decided to join Secret Panties about 7 months ago and it was one of my best decisions even though I didn’t really know how it was going to go for me. I have to thank a friend who recommended it to me and told me that with my personality and body would devastate… And, he was right, I’m glad I listened to him.

The truth is that I put it together quite well. I am a legionary, and well, despite the fact that it is a committed profession, I make the most of it when I have night shifts, to have the day off and dedicate myself to doing errands. Well, the truth is that I always try to have everything ready as soon as possible and that the buyer can enjoy it soon, but sometimes it is impossible for me and it takes a little longer, but the truth is that the boys are generally very polite and patient.

What are the products that you usually sell or that you usually ask for?

Well, the truth is that there are many things for sale, from digital content, to a clone of my complete vagina as a sex toy for boys, used clothes, sweat, flow… In general, they ask for everything that my body has that can be sold, but I have choose what they ask me the most. It would be used clothing and digital content without a doubt.

The clothes worn because of my personal smell that I like a lot and digital content because I give my all. Thus, I can achieve very good quality videos recorded in 4K, in which I also accept any type of fetish or fantasy and my great imagination make the implementation scene is spectacular and professional. If we add to that my body and sympathy it becomes a luxury at a great price, with which several people can enjoy their fetish or fantasy at a special level.

How has your experience at Secret Panties been so far?

My experience in general has been great, I have discovered a world where I can meet new fetishes and where I can cover mine and that is great, apart from the fact that I have met wonderful and fun people… Because beyond the morbidity there are fantastic people to discover, so my experience At the moment it is 10.

How would you define Secret Panties in 4 words?


What would you say to buyers who are starting out or have questions?

My first piece of advice is to come with a strong mentality, because unfortunately there are those who take you as a rival and not as a partner as it should be, and don’t trust everyone who lends a hand. Because later they can be disappointed, so in summary and what I want to say that they are clear that they own their body, their time and they are the ones who have to value that and do things respecting the rules dictated by the platform Secret, not the rules that some saleswomen want to make believe are rules.

Would you like to explain something else?

I take this opportunity to comment that there are different opinions regarding prices, in my case I have prices that seem reasonable to me and that are within the Secret regulations. But for other positions they are cheap and here the controversy arises that this is a luxury and who can allow it… My theory and opinion is different, I consider that everyone has the right to enjoy and express their fetishes and tastes for what they I will keep my prices, which I repeat are within the minimums established by the page, so that everyone has the opportunity to morbid and fulfill their fantasies and fetishes.

For me it is not all money, I value other things such as more people being able to access these platforms knowing that they will be able to fulfill their fantasies and that is why there is diversity in the market, so that each person can express themselves in the place that best suits them. to your needs.

So enjoy!

And after all the interview, she awaits you on her profile to meet her in person!

Saleswoman: Flujosa