Límite en las fotos

The limit in the photos. What should I show?

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When starting a sale, they will surely ask you for a photograph of the product, whether physical or virtual. From this arises the question, what should I teach? What is the limit in the photos? To help you answer these questions, we bring you this post with tips so you can decide what your limit is.

Regarding physical products we have these possibilities:

  • Photos of the product on a surface where the entire garment can be seen, this helps the buyer to get an idea of the size and appreciate the details.
  • Photos of how the product looks on you without showing much, that is, non-explicit photographs. Keep in mind that you can add a pack of sensual and/or explicit photos to your sales to motivate buyers to decide for you.
  • Explicit photos where you show what you want, you will undoubtedly attract attention.

Continuing with the virtual products we recommend:

  • Use your own sensual images but leave a lot to the imagination.
  • If you use explicit photographs, remember to censor if it is about any content and/or fetish that may annoy the most sensitive buyers, such as blood, feces, pee, among others.
  • You can use stock images if it is a specific fetish such as findom or joi.

Remember that the limit is set by you, it all depends on what you feel comfortable with and the way in which you want to carry out your promotion, if in a more discreet or direct way, then without a doubt you should do what you think works best for you .

You can consult our blog to continue informing you about the fetishes that you can sell or how to receive money safely and anonymously, added to this information about what is the limit in the photos. There are also interviews with saleswomen to give you an idea of what the world of Secret Panties is like.