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Interview with Fénix10

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In today’s interview we decided to contact Fénix10, a blonde woman with blue eyes, very confident and attractive. She is married with children but the world of Secret Panties sparks her life and she loves when shoppers let her imagination run wild with her clothes. She offers all kinds of products: lingerie, stockings, digital products, sexting and much more. Let’s get to know her a little more and see what she tells us in the following interview.

Fénix10 interview

1. What would you highlight about yourself? How do you define yourself?

Good morning, I am Fénix10, and I am going to define myself in a few words, especially ELEGANCE, SENSUALITY (can be seen with the naked eye) and DISCRETION. As a good Scorpio that I am, I am a tremendously fiery and sexually active woman. Only with a good kiss, I start to burn like a volcano and everything in my being is already triggered.

2. How did you find out about Secret Panties and what did you think of this business?

Well, I met him researching on the internet, he had already sold some panties “almost by accident”. At first I thought that it couldn’t be true that someone would pay for used panties haha. The first time, I thought they were kidding me, but when I saw that the thing was serious, I wanted to know more about this world that for me was totally unknown. Then, I began to investigate the subject and read some articles that I found really fascinating in which you were mentioned.

3. How long have you been in Secret Panties as Fénix10? How do you see yourself in a few months?

Now it will be about 1 year and 4 months I think since I registered in Secret Panties, and the truth is, I hope to continue here for much longer with the subject of fetishes since it has become part of my daily life.

4. What are you like outside of Secret Panties? And how do you combine this?

Well, I am a very active woman in general. I am a mother, an employee and I also have my partner (who of course knows everything and actually participates from time to time)… So I am really a “normal” woman, It’s just that I like to be dressed up and sexy almost every day, plus the confidence I have in myself that shows in the simple way I walk. So obviously I attract glances wherever I go (which I really love).

Sometimes reconciling it with my life and obligations is complicated by my usual lack of time, although my partner always gives me a cable whenever he can hahaha.

5. What are the products that you usually sell or that you usually ask for?

This is very broad, as much as the human mind, which I think is infinite, since any little thing that goes through someone’s head can be the object of a request hahaha.

Underwear is very common, how those clothes look is something else hahaha there is a variety of tastes. Personalized videos are one of my specialties. They say that my voice is super sensual and with my “Andalusian but fine” accent they go crazy, I talk a lot in them and I mention that person with whatever name they want, they are very kinky and intimate and personal.

Also the Sexting of course, that erotic conversation that we are raising in tone, with audios, photos and mini videos in which we end in the way that we both like the most, yes, burning with fixed pleasure… and many more products of course.

6. Do you share this experience with your friends or family? Do they know you are on our platform as Fénix10?

With very few people and who are from the liberal world… Obviously this is something that is kept secret and that my children for example. They should never find out hahaha. Although for me it is something natural like life itself, not all heads are open-minded to accept certain things.

7. Fénix10, what would you say to saleswomen who are starting out or have doubts about selling?

Normally there are new girls who come in here thinking about “easy money” and that they are going to make gold, and they are very far from reality. That is not easy money. In my life it has almost become a “second job” that I work hard and dedicate a lot of time to, so that people are satisfied and of course they come back.

I tell them to be patient, that it is not “arrive and run into”, that they look at the “veterans”, that they ask us any doubts, of course that they do not send anything without having received the corresponding payment even if they insist and “squeeze”… although. This is like everything in life hehe you learn from mistakes and time here gives you a maturity with respect to all kinds of fetishes that you don’t learn in a day.

Fénix10 awaits you on her profile!

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