Descubriendo el fetiche sexual del edging

Exploring the “edging fetish”

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Have you heard of the “edging fetish”? In this article, we will take you into the exciting world of this sexual practice that combines pleasure and control and you will discover how to explore this fetish in a safe and pleasurable way, also in Secret Panties. Get ready for a unique experience!

What is “edging”?

Is a sexual practice that seeks to delay orgasm to the brink of climax. It consists of approaching the maximum point of excitement and then stopping, thus prolonging the experience of pleasure. For some, “edging” can be a way to increase the intensity of the orgasm and enjoy an explosive release.

How to explore “edging”

This fetish can be practiced in different ways, depending on the preferences and limits of each person. Some people enjoy visual stimulation, using erotic or pornographic material to stay aroused. Others prefer physical stimulation, using sex toys or prolonged masturbation techniques. A good option can also be an erotic chat, which can combine both. Edging” can be practiced individually or as a couple, and it is important to set limits and communicate openly to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Step 1: Communication and Consent

Before embarking on the exploration of edging”, it is essential to establish open and honest communication with your partner. Talk about your desires, limits and expectations. Be sure to obtain consent from all parties involved.

Step 2: Preparation and Environment

Creates a comfortable and relaxed environment for “edging” practice. Make sure you have enough time and privacy. You can set the space with soft music or aromatic candles to increase sensuality.

Step 3: Arousal and Control

Begin sexual stimulation as you normally would. As you get closer to orgasm, use control techniques to stop yourself. You can practice the “stop and go” or “squeeze and release” technique to prolong arousal.

Step 4: Play and Experimentation

Edging” is a game of pleasure and control, so experimentation is key. You can try different techniques, sex toys, or even incorporate role-playing to add excitement and fun to the experience.

Sensations and experiences of “edging”

Edging” can generate a wide range of intense sensations and experiences. By prolonging the state of arousal, you can experience increased sensitivity in the erogenous zones, a greater connection with your own body and a feeling of sexual fulfillment. Orgasm denial can create growing expectation and desire, further intensifying pleasurable sensations.

Exploring this fetish at Secret Panties

If you are interested in exploring this fetish, Secret Panties can be a safe and exciting space to do so. On our platform you can find playmates who share your interests and preferences, allowing you to explore “edging” in a consensual and respectful manner.

Remember that the exploration of any sexual fetish must always be consensual and respect the limits of each person involved.


In conclusion, the “edging” fetish offers a unique sexual experience that combines pleasure and control. Through the careful and consensual practice of “edging”, it is possible to explore new sensations and prolong sexual enjoyment.

Have fun and explore your sexuality safely and pleasantly in Secret Panties!