What is the JOI? And how to sell it in Secret Panties

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The JOI stands for “jerk off instructions”. This is a very common practice in the fetish community where someone makes an explanatory video for another person and they follow it to the letter until they cum.

How to sell JOI in Secret Panties?

These types of videos are usually made to order and focused on the tastes of the person in question, being personalized they pay very well, when you take the reins you have the power, you are in charge of creating a good and magical experience.

Here are some tips to create the perfect video:

  • Play with time, decide if you want him to cum soon or not.
  • Be specific with your hand movements.
  • Use a seductive voice.
  • Have no mercy, remember that you are the one in charge.
  • Give specific time directions.
  • Don’t be ashamed, there are no mistakes.
  • Watch existing videos and get inspired.
  • Create your own role, be it a dominatrix, stepmother, sister or whatever they ask of you.
  • Play with your body and perspective, if they have contacted you it is because you have something they like, exploit it.

You can use expressions like “cum in 20 seconds”, “faster/slower”, or “stop and hold”. Have fun and you will be able to create a whole experience for both of you, remember that you not only have to make personalized videos but you can also do it live, it will create more morbidity and you will be able to charge more… It’s like sexting!

Do you dare to try it? Post your JOI ad on Secret Panties, you will be able to test how good you are at this fetish and many more. In addition, we invite you to continue reading our blog where we talk about more fetishes that you could try, we have tips and interviews with vendors so you can see if you would like to try this world and its advantages.