Interview with 123BRINDA

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In today’s interview we wanted to meet 123Brinda. She is a feminine and flirtatious woman. She is self-assured, she likes her body just the way she is, with all her curves. Although she knows that she is not perfect, like everyone else, she knows how to leave a mark on all men. She wants to tell us a little more about her and how her experience in Secret Panties is being hers, who has currently been with us for more than two years. Let’s learn more about 123Brinda.

Interview with 123Brinda

What would you highlight about yourself? How do you define yourself? Introduce yourself and say why you think they should meet you.

Hi, I’m 123brinda, a wonderful 36-year-old woman who lives her sexuality to the fullest. I am a tall woman, I have very long and beautiful legs that attract the attention of many men, long curly hair and brown eyes and a lot of curves to discover… I consider myself beautiful inside and out and I am very close in dealings , affectionate, fiery, sometimes angel and sometimes demon depending on the moment and very funny, I’m always joking and I value life positively.

And now you will ask yourself, why should you know me?

Because I am the woman you are looking for… hot, kinky, spicy, sweet… I will take you to my secret world so that you can fulfill and enjoy a lot of fantasies with me… Do you dare?

How long have you been in Secret Panties? How do you see yourself in a few months?

In Secret Panties I have been fulfilling the fantasies of many men for 2 years. They are all different, unique with very varied tastes and for the moment I will continue here in the coming months, giving my sexiest side to everyone who wants to have a little bit of me, that’s right. Something that I love and excites me.

How has your experience at Secret Panties been so far?

In Secret Panties my experience so far has been quite good and positive, in numbers I would say 95% positive and 5% negative, because there are always black chickpeas everywhere… But those don’t EXIST for me…

I only keep the good experiences that this site brings me.

What has Secret Panties changed in your daily life or in your personal life?

In my daily life nothing has changed, I have work, family and home to take care of, so I am only when I am alone, I can and I feel like it and regarding my intimate life I value it positively, if I already liked having sex, now I am more open and receptive to trying new things with my partner and that makes us have a full sexuality that has no place for monotony in our relationship, I am a box of surprises .. Hahahaha.

What are the products that you usually sell or that you usually ask for?

I sell everything, there is a wide variety of tastes in buyers, but what they ask me for the most is my underwear, they like having my aroma around, it makes them very happy to know that they have a little bit of me and they enjoy it to the fullest and also sexting where we give free rein to everything our body asks of us at that moment and let off steam well at ease… Hahahaha

How do you like buyers to be?

I like buyers to be respectful and honest from the beginning, to know what they are looking for in me and to tell me bluntly, to be direct, to tell me clearly what they would like me to do with the product they are asking for and not be ashamed. I am not here to judge you but to be an accomplice of your fantasy and thus give you all the best of me so that when it arrives you enjoy it as much as I do, each one is unique and different for that very reason I always give you a treat personalized, and of course don’t waste my time, we all have life and we’re not here to waste it, because time doesn’t come back.

What would you say to saleswomen who are starting out or have doubts about selling?

To sellers who are starting out or have doubts, I would tell them to be themselves and not copy others, to make themselves valued. They are selling their privacy, so be respectful of other users and not to get into absurd disputes that do not benefit them. In nothing and that they take care of their profiles, that here sometimes is conspicuous by its absence. And if they need help they should ask for it, that we all come here new and with many doubts and there is always someone non-profit that can lend you a hand.

Would you like to explain something else?

Rather than explain, I would like to send a message:
We are sellers and they are buyers, THOSE WHO CHOOSE, it is absurd to create a bad atmosphere between us, because for tastes the colors, I believe that to a good understanding few words are enough.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my experience on this page.

123Brinda awaits you on her profile!

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