Todas las formas de disfrutar del fetichisimo de pies en Secret Panties

How can you enjoy feet fetishism at Secret Panties

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If you are passionate about feet fetishism, Secret Panties is the perfect place for you. And the fetish for this area of the body is increasingly common and has already made its way into Secret Panties, but there are many ways to enjoy it.

Exploring the limits of your fetish

At Secret Panties there is no one way to explore and enjoy a fetish. We know that each person has their own preferences and desires, so you can take advantage of that whether you have a seller profile or are looking to buy content related to sexual fetishes:

Sell underwear and foot-related footwear

The first way to explore the feet fetish at Secret Panties is, precisely, by selling used underwear that has been in contact with that part of the body. Whether it’s socks, sexy stockings or shoes.

Custom photo sessions

If you are a feet lover, you will surely also appreciate their visual beauty. At Secret Panties you can also explore the fetish in this way, through the sense of sight: you can try selling digital content, such as photos or videos of your feet or clothing in contact with them. In this sense, remember to maximize the experience by taking care of aspects such as painted nails, sexy accessories or an appropriate background.

Live chat and video

Do you want to take your fantasies one step further? At Secret Panties, we offer you the option to chat and have live video with our sellers. You will be able to enjoy erotic conversations about your foot fetishes, as well as see in real time how your desires come true. Here fantasy is the limit! You can explore it through domination and submission of your partner, obeying orders with your feet, doing self-massages with your feet or even masturbation.


In short, you can explore feet fetishism in different ways, letting yourself be carried away by touch or sight. Don’t limit yourself to selling socks, explore your fantasies and take your foot fetish to the highest level with Secret Panties!