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Getting some good photos for your Secret Panties profile

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The photographs of your products are a fundamental part of Secret Panties. It is important to get the attention of buyers since it is the starting point from which they will contact you. In addition, erotic photos are another way to have fun, raise self-esteem and excitement to another level. Today we want to tell you about how to get some good photos to show off on your Secret Panties profile.

Take care of lighting

It is best to take photos in natural light. But if the light is natural or artificial, it is best not to be too direct so as not to create harsh shadows.

And if you can’t avoid it touching you directly, try putting a white cloth in the light so that it lets the light pass through but it comes more softly.

The most important thing is that the light focuses well on the product you want to sell and it is better that the background is neutral to highlight the product to be shown. From Secret Panties we also recommend showing three planes of the physical product (front, back and the product only).

A good pose

If you are not used to it, getting a good pose can be very difficult and somewhat frustrating because it requires practice. But the most important thing is to be yourself and relax.

To begin with, you can choose a chair or bed to start posing and not have to stand up because it costs more to find a good pose. Also, leaning on one place allows you to play more with your posture, create different curves and of course, be more comfortable! You can lean on the back of the chair, play with the sheets or pillows…. Let your imagination fly!

Examples of poses

If you still don’t know how to pose, you can be inspired by photos that you like or be inspired by posts. Here we leave you a link on poses to look good in full body photos. Some poses can be:

  • Sideways: Must be a subtle twist. This small gesture will slightly refine the optics of your figure and helps to stylize the curves and not excessively accentuate the hips.
  • A little separation between your legs: This way your body will settle and give a more stable image, in addition to improving the appearance of your abdomen.
  • One step forward: This pose will help you lengthen your legs and stylize them.
  • Stretched shoulders: Placing the shoulders so that they are in a straight line with the hips will greatly improve the appearance of your abdomen

Or you can also put a mirror behind your camera to better control your poses. Or even, if your front camera is good, use it and it is more comfortable to see yourself while taking photos.

And if you still haven’t achieved an erotic tone, you can take photos with accessories that speak for themselves as sex toys (vibrator, handcuffs, feather duster,…). These accessories, with an erotic touch, understand.

Use any camera

You don’t need a professional camera, it’s worth it with the same phone you use to get good photos. Nowadays they usually have a good quality and it is easy to support them anywhere and put a timer on them to have preparation time. You can even make a kind of homemade tripod (on Pinterest or Youtube you have more ideas).

As we have already mentioned, if the front camera is good, use it and it will be more comfortable! You can also record a video while holding different poses and then take screenshots of the parts you like the most. Of course, the quality can be a little harmed.

Edit the photo a bit

Don’t go overboard with photo editing so your skin doesn’t look artificial. It is best to play with the different variables that the application offers you (contrast, exposure, temperature or saturation) before putting a filter.

There is no more mystery than touching up just a little, less is more! The photo is enough to lower the exposure a little, raise the temperature a little to have a warmer tone and/or give it a little saturation.

Sometimes the mobile offers its editing tools or there are very complete programs such as PicsArt or Snapseed.

And now you know how to take good photos to stand out more among buyers and get more sales opportunities. In our blog we also tell you other tricks such as highlighting your profile (alias, description,…) or preparing an order that has already been purchased.