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How to prepare your order for the buyer

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Hello sellers! Many of you have doubts when selling. How do I upload a product? Or how do I contact buyers? And how do I charge? How do I send a package? Today we are going to give advice on how to prepare your order once you have sold a garment or product.

Steps prior to preparing your order

Before preparing your order, you first need to sell your products. And how is it done? Buyers will contact you interested in a product and once the conversation has opened, it’s time to sell! There you can establish a contact and once you confirm that you want the product or ask for a personalized one, it is time to agree on the payment method and the shipping method.

When we talk about the payment method, we recommend that you use Verse if you want to remain anonymous or Bizum if you want to ensure immediate payment. There are other payment methods such as Paypal and transfers, but these are less anonymous.

oh! A very important thing! Never make a shipment without having personally ensured that you have received the agreed amount. We have detected cases of vouchers being shown and some of them may be false. And do not believe any transfer by Secret Panties, we do not mediate in any of the transactions between you.

Once charged, it’s time to prepare your order

First of all, once the payment is secured, you must also have decided on the shipping method. The traditional method is “Correos”, but if you are in the same city you can also use Glovo. At the end of the day, you have to choose the service that best suits you. Of course, we advise you that deliveries are never made in person, but that they are made by sending the package.

And now that you have decided, it is time to prepare your order. And how to do it correctly if it is a physical product? Next we will detail all the steps and some tips.

Step 1: Choose the packaging

We recommend that you choose a discreet envelope to put the garment or physical product. Better if it has little bubbles on the inside.

Step 2: Prepare your garment

To prepare your garment, it is best to fold it well and wrap it in plastic wrap or an airtight bag to preserve the aroma.

You can also put this garment in another personalized envelope or bag that fits inside the outer envelope. Whatever you decide, even if it’s just folded and with the airtight bag, it sure looks much more well presented!

Step 3: You can add a detail

When you prepare the envelope, if you want you can add a detail. It can be a lollipop, a personal note, or anything that reminds him of you. I’m sure the buyer will love it!

All these details must be inside the envelope. Outside of this, buyers do not want to see dedications or anything that refers to the content. They prefer discreet shipping!

Step 4: Time to write the address

It is very important that you write the address or post office box that your client has provided you with on the envelope. If you decide to use the Correos shipping method, you can also send letters with a certificate and tracking number to ensure that the order reaches the site correctly.

In the case of the sender, to maintain anonymity you can put our post office box:

Ankapa Network SL
Plaça Pau Vila 1, 2B
08039 Barcelona (Barcelona)

Step 5: Use the agreed shipping service

If you have decided on the classic Postal method, go to your nearest post office and… That’s it, ready to send!

In the case of Glovo, the delivery man will come to pick up your order and deliver it to your buyer. This method ensures fast and effective shipping.

Sending digital products

In the case of sending digital products, we recommend using a platform like KIK, which is a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp, but anonymously or Wetransfer.

We hope that with these tips, you already know how to prepare your order correctly. We recommend following our steps, and more when we discuss restrictive topics. But still, you can customize your order your way! You can always be original and surprise your buyers!

Do you have any more tips? All advice that can help other people is welcome. See you at Secret Panties!

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