The red week: what fetishes to sell in Secret Panties

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In today’s post we talk about a type of fetish to sell at Secret Panties, especially when red week comes.

What is the red week and what can be sold?

The red week is those days of the women’s menstrual cycle in which we bleed, days in which special products covered in blood are offered… From panties to tampons, compresses or menstrual cups. Although the sale this week is only for the toughest ones because it can be very disgusting…

Who usually buys?

People with hematophilia or blood fetishism. They are known within the community as vampires or sharks and they are the ones who ask the least, they only go after what interests them because they know that there is only a limited time to get what they want.

Tips for selling products with blood:

  • Always send them vacuum packed or in airtight bags.
  • Once they have been bled, it is best to pack them immediately so they arrive as fresh as possible.
  • When sending it, it is easier to say that it is a piece of clothing.
  • The best time of the year to sell these products is in winter, since in summer blood and heat is not the best combination.
  • If you practice free bleeding (bleed directly into your underwear) this practice may be perfect for you because instead of having to wash your underwear or buy a specialized one for this practice, you can just sell it.
  • Send them quickly, they are products that arrive in better condition if they are sent soon.

What can you sell?

  • Panties, thongs, etc.
  • Tampons, pads, menstrual cups.
  • Personalized videos (depends on what you are willing to do).
  • Sex toys

With these products you will be able to sell all month without problem and please the darkest fetishes of your buyers… Go ahead and try it!

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