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Top 5 sex toys

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Top 5 Sex Toys You Must Try

Sex toys have had a boom in the last year, fulfilling their function of generating pleasure and helping us reach orgasm… Dare to try one of the following.

1. Satisfyer

The satisfyer is a clitoral sucker that creates vibratory waves that help stimulate the clitoris without touching it. Before buying one you should take into account the following aspects:

  • Power: all work with a USB rechargeable battery although the older models work on batteries. If you care about the environmental impact they generate, we recommend USB rechargeable ones.
  • Heads: Normally their heads are made of anti-allergic silicone to be able to remove and clean them properly.
  • Noise: you must bear in mind that each model makes more noise than another, especially at maximum speeds.
  • Power: The power can be changed according to your needs, the faster you can enjoy the more.

2. Soraya

Soraya is a G-spot and clitoral stimulator, designed to stimulate both points at the same time and generate the greatest possible enjoyment. It has 8 modes from a gentle tickle to intense vibration.

3. GIGI 2

The most famous of the brand is a G-spot stimulator that also works for the clitoris thanks to its eight modes, it is the most famous vibrator in its category because it performs the massage function perfectly. Its advantage is how quiet it is and that it can be used in the shower.

4. Lush 2

A couples massager where the girl inserts the vibrator into her vagina and her partner controls it via bluetooth in a mobile application, choosing the intensity, the duration and playing with the different options. It also goes to the beat of the music and can be used underwater.

5. Loki, the male vibrator

And for them we have Loki, a prostate massager designed to create intense orgasms. Its curvature and delicacy allow them to start in this world by choosing the level of intensity they want from its six modes.

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