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5 ideas for role-playing with your partner

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Looking for the best couples role-playing game ideas? Today at Secret Panties we tell you everything you need to know to break the monotony in your relationship and once again enjoy the best sex with your partner. 

Role-playing games are ideal for this, because you will be able to put into practice those sexual fantasies that attract your attention and turn you on just by thinking about them. The dominant-dominated roles are the ones that are most worked on in these games that will help you relive the passion and live an unforgettable experience.

Also, if you don’t have a partner, but you still want to play, you can always look for your favorite girl or boy from Secret Panties and propose to make a video call to develop the fantasy that you like the most.  

1 – Good Cop and Bad Cop

To fulfill this sexual fantasy you will need a set of handcuffs and a sexy police costume. The game consists of one of the two sitting in the interrogation room, one hand handcuffed to the table. The other will play the role of a bad cop, who asks you to confess, but the person being questioned doesn’t give in. Then, the policeman starts touching you trying to make you confess through pleasure.

2 – Stripper and client, a very spicy sexual game

One of these games is the typical role between the stripper or the boy and the person who hires him. To do this, the person who plays the stripper or boy will have to prepare a very sensual choreography and put on some different clothes, including leather or lingerie, in order to put on a good sexual show. To give it a hotter touch, you can turn off the lights and think of a different name and profession.

3 – The sexy tutor and the hot student

This is one of the easiest couples role-playing game ideas to do. But you can put on schoolgirl costumes to make it even spicier. From there, one will play the role of a student who has failed and the other a teacher who does not want to pass. How can the student raise the grade…?

4 – Plumber and client, a hottest classic

As for the profession, it may be the one that comes closest to your fantasy. And, as in the other games, if you can characterize them better than better. In this case one member of the couple will play the husband or wife who is tired of her husband or wife and is looking for an adventure to satisfy her sexual needs. The other, in addition to fixing what he has broken at home, will fix other things for him as well.

5 – Executive and secretary, or if you prefer boss and secretary

For this game you can dress elegantly, as if you were in an office. Prepare some paperwork, and why not include some BDSM toys? 🔥In this game you can “punish” someone for not submitting reports on time or “punish” the boss for being too strict.

To make these games more realistic, you can try playing them away from home, book a hotel night with your partner and get to work. ❤️‍🔥

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