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Interview with Yaslove❤

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We are back with a new interview and this time, we have done it with Yaslove❤ ! Yaslove❤ is an athletic girl with nice curves and long legs with tattoos. She likes mischief, having fun and enjoying her sexuality to the fulles. Also, she tells us that her orders come from her with all her dedication and giving her best, getting her buyers excited to the maximum.

Let’s see what Yaslove tells us ❤. We assure you that it is worth reading!

Interview with Yaslove❤

What would you highlight about yourself? How do you define Yaslove❤? Introduce yourself and say why you think they should meet you.

My name is Yas, better known here as yaslove. If I have to highlight something about myself, I would say that I am a very affectionate, committed woman and of course with a wild and seductive side. They say of me that I am the perfect mixture of sweetness and morbidity and I like to believe that it is so.

What did ensure that all buyers who request something from me receive good attention. I try to do everything as best as possible, giving my all and always enjoying each experience to the fullest, because I am not only here to sell but to enjoy.

How did you find out about Secret Panties and what did you think about this business?

I found out about Secret Panties on the Internet, I think that at some point we have all heard that there is this business of selling used panties. Yaslove❤ is a very open-minded and I wanted to enter this world and explore it. I was surprised by how comfortable it was and how much I enjoyed it, so in a short time I expanded the services and I can proudly say that I am open to new experiences. And I am not closed to any proposal.

What are Yaslove❤ like outside of Secret Panties? And how do you combine this?

I am a normal woman, if that is how you can call it, I have my job, my friends and my life. The truth is that I manage my time very well, taking advantage of every moment and thus giving the best service to clients who request any service.

How would you define your experience in 4 words?

Self-knowledge, friendship, experimenting and morbidity.

I think I entered this world at a time in my life of self-knowledge and although I was already an open-minded woman, this has led me to experiment, want to know myself more and explore my sexuality. I believe that being here makes you more open, that you try things that you had never considered before and thus you discover a new world of fetishes, experiences and pleasure. And I also have to emphasize that at the beginning I felt very lost and thanks to some saleswomen who helped me and advised me I’m still here, that’s why the friendship is also there, even if we don’t know each other in person you’re never

Do you share this experience with your friends or family? Do they know you are on our platform?

Yes, some family and friends know what I do. I also share this world with someone very close to me, who is also attracted to living these experiences, even participating in some, something that to be honest makes it the most morbid experience and I love it.

What are the products that you usually sell or that you usually ask for?

I am open to any proposal and I am not closed to experience new experiences. The world of fetishes is very wide and being able to try them is the only way to know if you like them, something that I love is being able to try new things and enjoy them. I mainly sell digital material, among which I can highlight videos, sexting and also, of course, the sale of used panties, which I try, as in everything I do, that they fit perfectly, that when they arrive with their new owner, they feel that they have a part me, that excites me a lot.

How do you like buyers to be?

I think that in general, everyone is close, they are looking for a service that not only gives them pleasure, but also an approach. To be able to feel a connection and that is not just a simple transaction. We sellers like buyers to be pleasant and serious, that when they contact us we know what they want, that their intention is to buy. Many buyers are like that, in addition to being very nice they make selling exciting and we want to repeat with them.

What would you say to saleswomen who are starting out or have doubts about selling?

I would tell them not to be afraid to explore this world and let go without prejudice. Also that they have many other vendors who will help and advise them in this experience, there will always be someone to advise and help you, especially at the beginning since it is normal to feel lost.

Would you like to tell something else?

Thank you to all the saleswomen who helped me in my beginnings and who are still here to helping me. Of course, also to all the buyers who continue by my side, who appreciate what I do and who are now more than just buyers.

She awaits you on her profile!

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