Lencería con la que sorprender a los compradores

Lingerie and underwear with which to surprise your buyers

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To make your profile stand out on Secret Panties, you must know how to anticipate what may interest buyers and know how to surprise. That is why in this blog post, we are going to take a look at trends that dominate the lingerie scene and that are more different to see how you can surprise with different garments that will not leave you indifferent:

Some tips for choosing the ideal underwear to sell

  1. Alluring Fabrics: From delicate lace to soft satin, these fabrics will add a touch of sensuality to any outfit and are always a hit.
  2. Daring designs: If you prefer to surprise with the design instead of the material, you should know that lingerie trends for next year will lean towards daring and provocative designs. Think strategic cuts, transparencies and sensual straps, in addition to floral designs or prints.
  3. Vibrant colors: although neutral tones are always more elegant, you can choose to follow trends and sell used panties with vibrant or exotic colors, colors that buyers are not used to seeing and that further highlight some of your characteristics.
  4. Bow Details: Bows will be a charming and flirty detail on next year’s lingerie. From small bows in the center of the bra to decorative bows on the panties, these details will add a playful touch to your outfit.
  5. Subtle transparencies: If you like the game of showing and suggesting, you will love the trend of subtle transparencies. This subtle technique will allow a glimpse of skin to be seen without revealing everything, creating a sensual and mysterious look.
  6. Unique prints: In addition to bold designs, you can also consider including unique prints in your lingerie. Bold and original patterns can help you stand out from the competition and capture the attention of buyers.
  7. Personalized details: Adding personalized details to your lingerie items can make them even more special. Consider including initials, embroidery, or unique lace to add a personalized touch to your products.
  8. Innovative cuts and shapes: Don’t be afraid to experiment with innovative cuts and shapes in your lingerie. Think bras with criss-cross straps, high-cut panties or corsets with elaborate details. These unique designs can make a difference and attract buyers looking for something new and exciting.


We hope these tips inspire you to explore and experiment with your personal style, making your used underwear wow shoppers and something they’ve never seen before. Let your imagination fly, experiment and have fun at Secret Panties offering used panties and lingerie that will leave buyers surprised!