Claves para excitar tras la pantalla

Keys to excite through a screen in your erotic chat

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Sexting or erotic chat has become an increasingly popular way to explore sexuality and keep the spark alive in long-distance relationships. Not only is it an exciting way to connect with your partner behind the mobile screen, but it can also be a fun way to experiment and discover new forms of pleasure.

Here are some keys to take your erotic chat to the next level and excite through a screen:

1. Create a sensual and exciting atmosphere for your erotic chat

Before you start sending your messages, take a moment to create a sensual and exciting atmosphere that excites you and is interesting to the person you are going to connect with. You can use seductive and suggestive words to arouse your partner’s interest or you can even add a touch of mystery by sending a suggestive photo that sparks curiosity and imagination before starting the erotic chat.

Play with anticipation and desire

Remember that sexting is not just about erotic chat in which to send explicit messages, but about maintaining sexual tension and anticipation. That will be the key. Start by sending provocative messages that leave your partner wanting more. Play with words and innuendos to increase desire and arousal. One tip to achieve this is to go from less to more, accompany your content with the rhythm and tension that the conversation is acquiring.

Explore different forms of erotic communication

In addition to texting, you can use other means of erotic communication to add a touch of fun and excitement to sexting. How about sending sexy gifs or stickers that show your playful side? Even taking advantage of the rise of ASMR, you can record whispering voice messages so that your partner feels your voice and your passion in a more intense way. The key here is to be able to surprise, catch people off guard and provide new stimuli that make the session go more, not less.

Share your fantasies in a seductive way: be descriptive!

An erotic chat is the perfect time to explore your most intimate fantasies and share them with your partner. Use words and phrases that awaken the imagination and stimulate sexual desire. You can describe your fantasies in detail or simply suggest them in a seductive way to keep things mysterious and playful if you feel more comfortable. However, a key to arousal lies precisely in the details; describing exactly how you are, how you feel, where or what you are wearing helps the person at a distance to imagine the situation and enhances their imagination, which is essential in this type of sessions.

Be creative and experiment during your erotic chat

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment in your messages. An erotic chat is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and discover new forms of pleasure and excitement. Try using different types of communication, such as sensual images or even short videos, to add a personal and exciting touch to your exchanges. Don’t forget that remote sex toys can be your best ally, experiment with them to feel dominance or submission also in sexting.

Always remember that sexting should be consensual and respectful. Communicate openly and clearly with your partner to make sure you both feel comfortable and safe.

Enjoy sexting in Secret Panties and keep the passion alive behind the screen with these tips and more on our blog!