Juegos eróticos para mantener el deseo en un chat erótico

Erotic games to keep the flame burning online

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At Secret Panties we know that sometimes igniting or keeping desire alive while physically separated can be difficult. That is why today we want to share some erotic games that you can enjoy in your sexting sessions or erotic chats to keep the flame burning or to propose and surprise buyers/sellers.

Game 1: «Sensual truth or dare»

The classic game of “Truth or Dare” becomes even more exciting and spicy in its sensual version. You can play through a hot video call or text messages in your erotic chat. Questions and challenges can be erotic in nature, such as intimate confessions or daring dares that increase arousal.

Game 2: “Guess the fantasy”

This game consists of each person sharing an erotic fantasy without revealing it completely. Then, using clues and questions, try to guess each other’s fantasy. They can use sensual messages or even suggestive images to create an atmosphere of anticipation and seduction. The key is in the details, which will enhance your partner’s imagination.

Game 3: «Virtual roleplay»

Roleplay is a great way to explore new experiences and unleash your imagination. Through erotic chat or video calls, they can interpret different characters or erotic situations. From a casual encounter at a bar to a domination and submission session, the possibilities are endless. Remember to set limits and agree on both of your preferences before starting the game.

Game 4: «Sex dice»

Pleasure dices are a fun and easy way to add excitement and variety to your virtual chats. Each side of the die represents an action or body part, and you and your partner can take turns rolling them and doing what they say. Get ready to discover new sensations and enjoy to the fullest!

Game 5: “Sex Toys”

Lastly, you can’t forget about sex toys. Increasingly common, there are all types and for all tastes, in fact, by playing with them you can bring together several fantasies and games at the same time.

Remember that the key to keeping the online flame burning is open communication, respect and honesty. Explore your mutual fantasies and desires, but always make sure you both feel comfortable and consensual.

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