Cómo introducir la ropa interior usada en tu pareja

How to introduce the used underwear fetish into your relationship

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If you have a fetish for used underwear, it can be hard to know how to share it with your partner. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have this fetish, and there are ways to talk about it in a respectful and trusting way.

Why it’s important to talk about your fetishes

It is important to share your wants and needs with your partner in order to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship. If you have a fetish for used underwear, it can be hard to keep it hidden. Talking about it can help strengthen communication and trust in your relationship.

How to present the idea about used underwear

It is important to approach the subject respectfully and carefully. You can start by saying something like, “There’s something I’d like to share with you, and I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable talking about it.” Be sure to listen to your partner’s response and not pressure them to agree right away.

Set limits

It’s important to set clear boundaries and respect your partner’s wishes. If he’s not comfortable with the idea, don’t force it. If you’re willing to try, be sure to discuss the limits and expectations of both of you.

How to incorporate used underwear into your relationship

If you’re both interested, there are several ways to incorporate the fetish into your relationship. You can ask your partner to wear the underwear during the day and then leave it in a specific place so you can find it later. You can also ask her to send you photos while she’s wearing it or even accept requests for specific underwear that you can wear.


Talking about your fetishes can be difficult, but it’s important for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Approach the topic respectfully and thoughtfully, set clear boundaries, and explore ways to incorporate the fetish into your relationship. Remember, always respect your partner’s boundaries and wishes. Explore your desires and discover new forms of pleasure in Secret Panties!