La menstruación y tus fetiches sexuales ¿Son compatibles?

Fetishes and menstruation, are they compatible?

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Menstruation is a natural biological process that occurs in women’s lives. Despite being an integral part of women’s health, it has long been a taboo topic for many, especially when linked to sexuality and fetishes. The question that arises is: are these two aspects of life really incompatible?

Menstruation and sex

In order to address this issue, we must first understand that having sex during menstruation is completely safe and normal. In fact, some women have reported an increase in sexual desire during their period. Some explanations for this may be the hormonal changes that occur during menstruation, which can increase libido, as well as the feeling of relief and relaxation that can come with the start of a new cycle. However, it is crucial to ensure consent and comfort of both parties when considering sexual activity during this time.

Fetishes and menstruation

In relation to fetishes, menstruation can be incorporated into sexual activity in many ways. The first step is to take into account the great diversity that exists around this topic, each person is a world! So, in your Secret Panties profile for example, you should first think about how you would like to incorporate your period into your fetishes, and what buyers might like.

Ways to explore your period fetishes

When it comes to exploring, there are many ways to do it. Some people may find the idea of having sex during menstruation arousing. For others, there may be a more specific fetish related to menstruation, such as a fascination with menstrual blood or the use of feminine hygiene products. Even underwear worn during menstruation or menstrual panties can be a fetish for many people. Here, as in all aspects of sexuality, respect and open communication are essential. Both parties must feel comfortable and agree to any practice before carrying it out.


In short, menstruation and sexual fetishes can be absolutely compatible. It’s about finding what works for you and the other person(s), and making sure that all sexual activities are done with consent and respect. Menstruation, like any other part of the body or biological process, can be a source of sexual pleasure and it is completely normal and healthy to explore these possibilities.

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