El fetiche del chocolate

Sexual stimulation with food: the fetish of chocolate

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Human sexuality is one of the most complex and fascinating areas of life. There are many factors that can influence it, and one of the most interesting is the relationship between food and sex. In this post, we will explore the fetish for chocolate and how it can be used for sexual stimulation.

What is sexual stimulation with food?

Sexual stimulation with food is a practice that can be used to increase sexual desire and enhance the overall sexual experience. This practice can involve the use of food as part of foreplay, as well as during the act of intercourse itself.

The chocolate fetish

One of the most common food fetishes is the chocolate fetish. Chocolate has a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac. The Aztecs and Mayans considered it a sacred drink that had stimulating properties. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is a chemical that is naturally produced in the brain when you feel love or excitement.

How to use chocolate for sexual stimulation

There are many different ways to use chocolate for sexual stimulation. One common way is to use it as part of foreplay. It can be used to feed the partner, to massage the body or even to paint erotic designs on the skin.

Another way to use chocolate is during the sexual act itself. It can be used as a lubricant, and can also be incorporated into oral sex.

It’s important to note that while chocolate can be a fun and exciting way to explore sexuality, it’s important to do it in a safe and consensual way. Make sure your partner is comfortable with the practice before you begin, and be sure to account for any food allergies or intolerances.


In short, sexual stimulation with food can be an exciting way to explore your sexuality and enhance your sexual experience. The chocolate fetish is a common way to use food for sexual stimulation, and it can be used in many different ways. Make sure you do it safely and consensually, and enjoy the experience. Find out more about exploring your fetishes in Secret Panties!