Las nuevas tendencias en fetiches y prácticas sexuales

New trends in fetishes and sexual practices

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Fetishes and unconventional sexual practices have been around for a long time, but with the advent of the internet and social media, they have become more visible and popular than ever. While some fetishes are more common than others, such as feet fetishism or the wearing of used underwear, others are gaining popularity in popular culture.

Sexual ASMR

One of the new trends in the world of fetishes is sexual ASMR, which focuses on sensory and auditory stimulation to create a unique sexual experience, especially in the moments before intercourse or even as a form of relaxation.


Polyamory is also gaining popularity as more people are comfortable with the idea of having multiple simultaneous romantic and/or sexual relationships. In this sense, there are several types of relationships, since one can speak of a polyamorous relationship (all members of the relationship have a bond) or open (the members of the relationship maintain relationships with other people).


Another growing practice is pegging, a form of anal sex in which a woman penetrates a man with a dildo to stimulate her prostate, which implies a change in the role of domination.

New sex toys

New sex toys are also changing the world of fetishes, with options for everything from anal stimulation to bondage and BDSM.

Importance of Consensus and Security

It is important to note that although these fetishes and practices are gaining in popularity, they are not for everyone. It is important that any sexual activity is consensual and safe for all parties involved.


In short, the world of fetishes and unconventional sexual practices is constantly evolving. From sexual ASMR to polyamory and pegging, there are plenty of new trends that are gaining popularity. With the increasing availability of new sex toys and visibility in popular culture, these practices are likely to continue to grow in popularity. Learn much more about your fetishes on our blog and explore them in Secret Panties!