6. Cómo realizar ventas de forma segura

How to avoid fraud and make safe sales

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When it comes to having a profile as a seller on a platform like Secret Panties, it is important to exercise extreme caution. From the platform, we continuously work to ensure that it is a safe environment. However, as a seller, it is important that you take into account some security measures. Here are some helpful tips you can take to make safe sales and avoid fraud when shopping online:

Some helpful tips

  • Never share your personal information with any user and only make sales with those buyers who give you security and comply with the regulations.
  • Unless it is an acquaintance or someone you trust, avoid meeting users in person.
  • When selling products such as a sex chat, it is likely that some buyers want to transfer the conversation or the purchase process to other platforms. Despite the fact that some vendors are used to it, it is an action suspected of fraud and it is better to agree on the conditions well. And it is that these users know that outside of official platforms such as Secret Panties it is easier to commit some type of fraud without responsibility, since the seller does not have the same help as on other platforms.
  • That is why the safest thing is that you only contact buyers through the tools and channels that we offer at Secret Panties. In case of fraud it is easier for us to intervene and help.

We hope this information has been useful for you to better understand and know how to make safe sales, avoiding risks and fraud. And remember that if you have a problem with a user, you can use the report and block chat option. Our team will be happy to help you by reviewing the user and verifying if it is a fraud or not.

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